Eine Moderne Klarinette d'Amore

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Richard Haynes
16.04.20, 00:17 von Richard Haynes
From Jochen, Martin and I, the creators of this modern clarinet d'amour, THANK YOU for supporting this project in such a generous way! We look forward to bringing you the 'mercis', involving everyone that has taken an interest in the project and continuing the journey with this wonderful instrument! There's going to be lots of news in the future! Ein riesen grosses MERCI von Jochen, Martin und mir, die Erschaffer dieser modernen Klarinette d'Amore, für die grosszügigen Spenden! Wir freuen uns darauf, die verschiedenen Mercis zu liefern, die Menschen, die sich für das Projekt interessiert haben, einzubeziehen und die Reise mit diesem wundervollen Instrument fortzusetzen! Es wird künftig viel zu melden geben!
Richard Haynes
24.03.20, 22:15 von Richard Haynes
The clarinet d'amour was a beautiful historical instrument that was unfortunately not further developed. With the help of modern technology we've now built a modern instrument! This new instrument is a modern, extended range clarinet d'amour and will change the world of clarinets forever. Campaign video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2HSEXycQXc Campaign phase: 23/03/2020 8:15pm — 15/04/2020 11:59pm Realisation phase: April 2020 Initial sponsoring goal: 8600 Swiss Francs Complete sponsoring goal: 11600 Swiss Francs What is this project about? Together with the clarinet makers Schwenk&Seggelke, we've made the idea that Anton Stadler (dedicatee of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto) a reality. Stadler's dream was to extend the clarinet d'amour by 4 semitones, like the basset clarinet he developed with Theodor Lotz. This would greatly increase the musical possibilities of the clarinet d'amore. What are the project goals and at who is this project aimed? This project has multiple goals: i) to build the new instrument in order to offer listeners new musical experiences in music of the 18th, 19th and 21st centuries, ii) to broaden the spectrum of the available instruments to clarinettists , in that we resurrect a historical clarinet with modern keywork, applicable to today's demands, iii) to enable collaboration with composers who are interested in writing for the instrument, and iv) to research and record historical repertoire of the clarinet d'amour in order to make it available to everyone. Why should you support this project? Are you interested in historical music of the 18th and 19th centuries? Are you interested in the clarinet and its now slightly larger family? Are you interested in composers that write music in this century? Are you interested in new music of all kinds? Are you interested in new experiences in sound or extended possibilities of modern instruments? Are you interested in supporting my work as clarinettist? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you should become a supporter of this project! Was happens with your money, should the project be successful? Upon successful fundraising, 100% of the money will be used to support the creation of the instrument. This involves all steps of the process: conception, deposit, acoustic calculations, treatment and preparation of the wood, constructing and silver plating the mechanics, optimisation of the keywork, intonation improvements, required accessories, transport and customs charges. Initial sponsoring goal: 8600 Swiss Francs This is the minimum amount required to complete the project and covers only the building of the instrument. Complete sponsoring goal: 11600 Swiss Francs This is the scenario where the whole project is covered and covers conception and planning, down-payment to secure the project, building of the instrument, accessories, transport, customs charges and the insurance of the instrument. All future costs associated with the instrument are covered by the project initiator. Who are the people behind the project? Project initiator is Richard Haynes, clarinettist residing in Bern, Switzerland. Richard Haynes is a member of Ensemble Proton Bern, Blattwerk Reed Quintet and a welcome guest musician with Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Collegium Novum Zurich and the Basel Sinfonietta. Clarinet builder is Jochen Seggelke , owner of the company Schwenk&Seggelke, Bamberg and co-owner with Martin Suter of the company Clarinet Solutions, Lucerne. Richard Haynes www.richardehaynes.com Jochen Seggelke www.schwenk-und-seggelke.de Martin Suter www.clarinet-solutions.ch und www.blashaus.ch Campaign video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2HSEXycQXc Mercis – Rewards 5.00 CHF Buchsbaum – Boxwood You will receive a high quality digital photo documentation of the modern clarinet d'amour. Delivery date: 1/5/2020 10.00 CHF Grenadilla You will receive a digi-pack: an MP3 of a new work for clarinet d'amour and a high quality digital photo documentation of the new instrument! Delivery date: 1/5/2020 30.00 CHF Zwetschgenholz – Plum wood You will receive the first ever album (digital) of historical and contemporary music for clarinet d'amour! Delivery date: 1/12/2020 50.00 CHF Cocobolo You will receive a high quality digital photo documentation of the modern clarinet d'amour, an MP3 of a new work for clarinet d'amour and the first ever album (digital) of historical and contemporary music for clarinet d'amour! Delivery date: 1/5/2020 (photos + MP3) 1/12/2020 (album) 100.00 CHF Palisander – Rosewood You will receive an up close and personal session with the new instrument in the form of a clarinet lesson or in-depth discussion. At your place or mine! Of course the rewards of the "Cocobolo" category are included! Delivery date: At a mutually convenient time 500.00 CHF Mopane You will receive a house concert* performed in your very own house/appartment. On the programme will be historical and contemporary works for clarinet d'amour. You can invite friends and family to enjoy the concert, enjoy the company and get to know the instrument. *If you own a piano and would like the concert to be performed with piano, a fee for the pianist will need to be negotiated. Delivery date: At a mutually convenient time 1000 CHF Amore Do you know a stand out composer? Would you like them to write a new solo piece for clarinet d'amour? Upon your donation of 1000 Swiss Francs or more, I will commission your favourite living composer to write for the clarinet d'amour and perform it for you as part of a house concert (see reward "Cocobolo" above). Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of the clarinet! Delivery date: At a mutually convenient time Campaign video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2HSEXycQXc