Swiss culture film: La Merveille Verte

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Millions of people have tasted absinthe without even knowing that it was invented in a small valley in Switzerland or the fascinating history behind it: healing and inspiring, later demonized and suppressed - The green fairy had to endure a lot but at last she survived!
We connect this legend with the fateful journey of our main character. Fiction meets reality. Our story begins when Dr. Prchal loses his first patient...

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Periodo di finanziamento 10.08.2021 13:30 ore - 20.09.2021 23:59 ore
Periodo di realizzazione Film shoot: earliest Sept. 21
Soglia di finanziamento CHF 60'000
Obiettivo di finanziamento CHF 85'000

Di cosa tratta questo progetto?



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Website about the film - Take a look behind the scenes!

A mystical drama film on the trail of human consciousness…

Dr. Prchal flees his hard reality and finds himself in the mythical world of the green fairy…

The Czech surgeon Dr. Aleš Prchal has been working in Zürich for several years. When he loses his first patient, he can no longer ignore his past. On the search for redemption from his guilt he goes on an odyssey – and discovers a Swiss legend...

We delve into profound questions of life and tell a cultural Swiss history in a completely new way.

Especially for Switzerland absinthe has a big cultural and historical significance. But internationally it’s an engaging topic as well - because this spirit from a small Swiss valley conquered the whole world and became an important part of daily life in many countries. That’s why absinthe is a very popular theme, but never before has it been portrayed the way we’re going to do it!
This Swiss culture film is set in Zürich and in Val-de-Travers where absinthe originated. It’s important to us to portray these places authentically and to bring across the different kinds of charm of the two linguistic regions. This film project strengthens the cultural connection between the German-speaking and the French-speaking part of Switzerland and shows its cultural and natural diversity.
In this context we thematize the history of absinthe, the incredible resistance of the distilleries and the myth of the green fairy…

But of course this film is not just about absinthe! It's a mystical human drama... Our main character’s destiny meets the green fairy’s destiny – fiction meets true story. It’s a dramatic and yet hopeful narrative which unravels itself in mystical and absurd ways. We deal with different levels of reality and ask questions of fate and coincidence, guilt and innocence. The audience will be drawn into these philosophical questions and experiencing absinthe and its place of origin firsthand.

Quali sono gli scopi e il gruppo-target?



  • Tell a special part of Swiss history in a new way
  • Excite the audience for this Swiss cultural heritage
  • Help to preserve this tradition
  • Portray absinthe positively and honestly
  • Strengthen the connection between the different linguistic regions
  • Invigorate the Swiss film scene
  • Film festivals (national and international)
  • Film screenings in the German- and the French-speaking parts of Switzerland
  • Broadcast in Swiss Television
  • Possibly Arthouse cinemas in Switzerland

Target group:

  • Swiss audience, especially in the German- and French-speaking regions
  • International audience (Absinthe ist globally known and loved)
  • Absinthe lovers
  • Folklorists and all people who want to get to know this part of history

Perché qualcuno dovrebbe sostenere il tuo progetto?


By supporting this project, you help:

  • Enable Swiss film-makers, young artists and creatives of all ages to work in this difficult time
  • Show the cultural, linguistic and natural diversity of Switzerland
  • Liven up the Swiss film scene
  • Encourage Independent Film-making
  • Make an interesting piece of Swiss cultural history more accessible
  • Reduce the negative prejudices about absinthe

We’re in contact with many potential sponsors, but at the moment it’s not an easy time for firms. Even though several have emphasized their interest, it’s simply not possible for them to support us financially. We will keep trying but unfortunately, we don’t expect any big contributions from sponsors. That’s why we are in need of your support!

We are ready to realise this film as soon as the funding is secured:

Since mid-2019 we’ve been working on La Merveille Verte. During the course of one year we wrote the screenplay and then we began to get in touch with film-makers, potential sponsors and shooting locations.
From over 200 applications for cast and crew we have now assembled a great group of actors and actresses as well as a part of our crew.
We’ve already secured some shooting locations and will be supported by tourism enterprises in the Val-de-Travers for location permits and other ressources.

We’re excited to come together and create something new! Please help us realise this film with a financial contribution and/or by sharing this page with your friends and family and on social media!

Che cosa accade con i soldi se il progetto va a buon fine?


If we reach our goal, it will make this film shoot (approx. 3 weeks, earliest in September 2021) possible!

Our professional participants will be paid for their work; we’ll be able to feed everyone on set; transportation costs, travel expenses and overnight stays (mostly in Val-de-Travers) will be covered; and the most important materials (such as costumes, make-up, set-design…) as well as technical equipment can be paid. Further small expenses for the film shoot are legal fees and covid measures (masks, disinfectant etc.)

Soglia di finanziamento


It is only possible for us to realise a feature film with a humble budget of 60'000.- because we have some awesome film-makers on board who are not participating for the money, but because they are excited about our project and want to make a creative contribution to this film. Some people will even work for free. But it’s immensely important to us to be able to reward our professional collaborators for their valuable work!

With 60’000 CHF we can cover the following expenses:

1. Minimal compensation for the main Cast & Crew:

  • DoP, Gaffer, sound, make-up, costume designer, main actors/actresses...

2. Unavoidable expenses such as:

  • Catering on set
  • transportation costs
  • the most necessary travel expenses and overnight stays in cost-effective accomodations
  • Minimal rent/compensation for technical equipment
Obiettivo di finanziamento


Our priority is the compensation of our participants. CHF 85’000 means:

  • Better pay for our main Cast & Crew
  • Smaller roles and more people behind camera will be compensated for their work as well
  • Technical equipment (see below)
  • further expenses (see below)

For the technical equipment we have some generous people who would offer us some of their materials. If we reach our ultimate financing goal of CHF 85'000, we can compensate these people fairly for their support. When it comes to technical equipment which we have to rent, it means we can rent better equipment, which will in turn contribute to the quality of the film.

In addition we can also cover further expenses such as legal fees and materials for the covid measures (masks, disinfectant…), which we would otherwise have to pay for ourselves.

Chi c'è dietro il progetto?


After several years of creative collaboration Jina Rose and Mike Doctor founded the filmproduction company a Change of Perspective in 2018. They’ve been producing short films, image films and music videos. The association of the same name was founded in the beginning of 2021.

Jina Rose is a 22 years old independent musician and film-maker from Zürich. Growing up in a family of musicians her vocal talent was supported early-on. For several years now, Jina Rose has been performing professionally as a singer.
She did theatre acting for over 10 years and through video-editing discovered her passion for film-making. In the production company a Change of Perspective Jina Rose is immersed in directing, producing and editing, and for a while now she’s been focusing on screenplay-writing.

Mike Doctor had a remarkable Europe-wide musical career und has since dedicated himself to producing and editing films as well. He produced and co-directed “B Street Live”, a documentary which was shown at film festivals in Argentinia, Chile and Switzerland.
Furthermore he composes and produces film music in his music studio Biolabs in Zürich. For this film, La Merveille Verte, he will also be composing a part of the music – in addition to the wonderful classical pieces which will accompany the movie.

Contatta il promotore del progetto
a Change of Perspective
Jina Rose
Brahmsstrasse 49
8003 Zürich Schweiz