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My first FIS season

Un progetto della regione della Raiffeisenbank Kiesental

To view my video in english, please copy this link:

This season I am competing in Alpine Skiing at the FIS level. My goal is to establish myself among the best skiers withing my age group so that I will be selected into the national performance center "Mitte".

CHF 13’085
CHF 5’000
Importo minimo
CHF 10’000
Importo desiderato
Fondo donazioni per giovani leve
CHF 2’000

Per il progetto è stato possibile selezionare i seguenti sostegni

Periodo di finanziamento 20 nov 2021 20:46 ore - 22 gen 2022 23:59 ore
Periodo di realizzazione 2 months

I am very excited being able to go for my first season competing at FIS level in alpine skiing, during which I will compete against the best skiers at international level. Together with my team FIS junior of the BOSV, we started to prepare for the coming season already in May with many sessions to improve our physical condition. From mid June, with growing intensity, we began our preparation skiing on glaciers in Italy and in Switzerland . I feel pretty much ready and look forward kicking-off this season. I count on your support to be able to take up this challenge.

Improve my ranking with my FIS points in the technical and speed discipline in order to get selected for the national performance center "Mitte".

Target audience :
- family
- friends
- people passionated by sport
- local companies

I am passionated with ski racing and since many years I have spent nearly all my free time for this cool activity, which is also very costy. Many ski stars inspire me to work very hard and relentlessly in order reach my goals.

Taking part in this kind of adventure requires an important budget estimated at more than $ 35'000, budget that is for the time being supported mainly by my folks.

My family and myself count on your support that will help me to reach my goals.

Financing my material, accomodation cost during both training days as well as during the various trips on competition sites in many different locations.
Besides my sport carreer, I am studying economy at a private school (Feusi in Bern), preparing my way to college.

Importo minimo

Financing my ski gear :
2 pairs of Giant Slalom skis,
2 pairs of Slalom skis,
2 pairs of Super G skis,
2 pairs of Downhill skis

Importo desiderato

Financing part of the accomodation expenses and ski pass on the various sites where competitions and training will take place. These expenses will most likely exceed CHF 15'000 for one season.
In addition, I will need to pay the tuition for the high school at the Feusi private school in Bern and will purchase a yearly train ticket for commuting to school and to the training locations.

Lucien Praz and his parents from Konolfingen, Switzerland

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Lucien, zeig den Jungs wo der Hammer hängt, erfolgreiche Saison

Peter Baumann
4 dicembre 2021 alle ore 15:07

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