Help Bodhi Climbing survive

Un projet de la région de la Raiffeisenbank Mittelbünden

CHF 13'266  
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77 parrains

A propos de notre projet

The current situation is making a hard time for everyone, including us. With the high rental fee and no climbing allowed at Magic Wood...things are pretty seriously down hill here, luckily we do have requests from our supporters to set up this Fund so here we are. We wish you al the great tie and survive all this together. For those who can not spend on the funding, your moral support is important to us too.

Période de financement 21.04.2020 14:07 Heure - 19.07.2020 23:59 Heure
Temps nécessaire à la réalisation 31.08.2020
Seuil de financement CHF 5'000
Objectif financier CHF 20'000

De quoi traite ce projet?

Help Bodhi Climbing survive at Magic Wood.

Quels sont les buts et le groupe cible?

Climbers from all over the world, unite and help us to still be your hosts when all this is over.

Pourquoi faut-il parrainer votre projet en particulier? 

Simply because we have no income and a lot of bills to pay, so we are struggling. That's why we open this funding for our supporters.

Que se passe-t-il avec l'argent une fois le financement réuni?

We use your donations to cover our fixed costs, like rent, electricity, tourism tax...etc.
If exceeding amount, it will be spend on our annual clean up day.

Seuil de financement

This would partly help us covering some costs.

Objectif financier

Cover all the fixed costs for the summer season.

Qui sont les initiateurs du projet? 

Thomas & Netthida Saluz
Gasthaus Edelweiss-Backpackers Generoso-Bodhi Camping
Hauptstrasse 2
7444 Ausserferrera

Contacter l'initiateur du projet
Gasthaus Edelweiss
Netthida Saluz
Haupstrasee 2
7444 Ausserferrera Schweiz

Netthida Saluz
phone: +41 81 661 18 27