Swiss Ultimate Mixed Nationalteam - EM und weiter!

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Il nostro progetto

Ultimate Frisbee ist eine schnelle und faire Teamsportart, eine der am schnellsten wachsenden Sportarten der Welt und mittlerweile auch vom Olympischen Komitee anerkannt!

Aktuell ist die Schweiz auf dem 9. Platz der Weltrangliste!

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast and fair team sport - one of the fastest growing in the world and recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Switzerland is currently ranked 9th in the world!

Periodo di finanziamento 15.05.2019 17:35 ore - 07.07.2019 00:00 ore
Periodo di realizzazione Juli 2019
Soglia di finanziamento CHF 1'000
Obiettivo di finanziamento CHF 2'000

Di cosa tratta questo progetto?

The Mixed National Team is special.

We play hard, fair, and gender equitable Ultimate Frisbee at the highest level.

However, we are amateur athletes, in that we pay for everything ourselves, from Training Camps to the European Championships and World Championships.

It is an honor to represent Switzerland and to wear a Swiss flag on our uniform, but we need your help!

Quali sono gli scopi e il gruppo-target?

Sportler, Sportbegeisterte und alle, die einer neuen, schnellen Sportart mit viel Teamgeist und Fairplay ihre Unterstützung geben möchten!

Athletes, sports fans and anyone who is interested in a fast, new kind of sport that emphasizes team spirit and fair play might be interested in our project!

Our goal is to be able to offset the costs of buying uniforms, traveling to Gyor, Hungary (EM 2019) and to Amsterdam (WM 2020) as well as training for these elite tournaments - all in our free time!

Perché qualcuno dovrebbe sostenere il tuo progetto?

Ultimate is a sport that is fair, and in Mixed Ultimate male, female and non-binary athletes all participate in contributing to the self-officiated competition.

This is a project is worth your contribution if you believe in:

  • Gender equity
  • Empowering female athletes
  • Supporting new Swiss sports
  • Allowing athletes of all backgrounds to play a sport they are good at, good enough to beat European- and World-class National Teams.

Che cosa accade con i soldi se il progetto va a buon fine?

Your contribution helps to get us:

  • Uniforms for the EM/WM
  • To the two major tournaments in Gyor and Amsterdam
Obiettivo di finanziamento

Somit werden Trikos sowie Anreise (EM) subventioniert.

Wir sind für alle Beiträge dankbar.

Unsere Finanzierungsschwelle (ab diesem Betrag erhalten wir Geld) ist bei 1000 CHF.

Chi c'è dietro il progetto?

Our Roster and their Swiss Ultimate Clubs:

  • Anja Bollina, Luzern
  • Arnaud Garin, Lausanne
  • Benjamin Schaub, Lausanne
  • Calvin Schenk, Geneva
  • Charlotte Terrasson, Bern
  • Daniela Klaus, Willisau
  • Georg Anegg, Zürich
  • Giacomo Teneglia, Geneva
  • Jake Simon, Lausanne
  • James Violette, Zürich
  • Madeleine Koechlin, Geneva
  • Nora Vogler, Basel
  • Olga Chinina, Geneva
  • Oscar Weber, Zürich
  • Patrick Naef, Geneva
  • Philippe Gannon, Lausanne
  • Ron Kubalanza, Geneva
  • Samantha Oswald, Lausanne
  • Sebastien Heinzen, Zürich
  • Simone Vogel, Geneva
  • Yannick Galland, Lausanne

Instagram: @swiss.ultimate.mixed

Swiss Ultimate Mixed Nationalteam

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