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Maurice Ndotoni
27.05.20, 15:00 di Maurice Ndotoni

First of all, big shoutout to everyone who already supported our Project: Thank you, you are the best!

In this blogpost we’d like to explain our Project in order to give you a better idea and an incentive to support our campaign.

What’s all the fuss about?
We will open the first swiss training centre with Parkour, Ninja Warrior, Chase Tag, Calisthenics, Big Bounce, Tricking and Trampoline under one roof!
On over 2700 square meters you’ll have the possibility to train, learn in a course or participate in a competition.
Get a single entrance, a monthly or annual subscription: One price for all our facilities for as long as you can train.

Sounds impressive, but how is this possible?
To realize our project at its full extent we need a total of 1.5 million swiss francs.
However, it will be possible to implement our project with a minimum of 700’000.- francs.
The business plan is written, the location is reserved and we are at full speed searching for sponsors.

Nice, so why do you need me?
Because you make the difference! With your support you show the world that there is a need for a gym like this. Let’s show the world that it is the right time to create something like that together. Let’s show them, that we do no longer want boring fitness routines or complicated setups that costs us a fortune, we do not want to travel long distances to train for a specific sports.
We want one location where we can push ourselves to new limits, we want to be amazed by the professionalism and variety of the training possibilities and we need it now. Let’s start a new aera of sports, together!

With the money collected in this crowdfunding you make sure that the project is good to go. 120’000.- makes us creditworthy hence gives us (and you) the guarantee, that the realization is possible. Once we have that amount, we will set the last pieces in motion and are good to go for an opening in December!

Support now!

Your Overground Team
Chris, Fabian, Igor and Moe

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