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Un progetto della regione della Banca Raiffeisen Bellinzonese e Visagno

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Il nostro progetto

We organize a network of artist in Switzelrand. Ticino want to be part of the rest of switzerland! We host our artist in a shared house. We live in the same house. OUR OWNER WANT TO SELL THE HOUSE. Our rent is super low because we live in a very old house, no central heating. We warm up the house in winter with wood and electric in the rooms. The house stay 12 min from our Lo Studio (performing arts centre). If we have to move -> impossible to find same conditions and a big house.

Periodo di finanziamento 30.06.2019 00:00 ore
Periodo di realizzazione in progress
Soglia di finanziamento CHF 30'000
Obiettivo di finanziamento CHF 250'000

Di cosa tratta questo progetto?

We are part of a performing arts network in Switzerland. Many of our partner are institutions or cultural association with good subventions. We have very little subventions, we survive with our activity, dedicating ourself completely to it.
Our owner want to sell the house. If we loose the house, we will probably have to stop our project.

Quali sono gli scopi e il gruppo-target?

. We want Ticino to be culturally part of rest of Switzerland.
- Target -> all performing artist, sound design, actor, director, dancer, choreographer of switzerland.
- Target -> all swiss that want to be part of the same country. Under every aspect - the contemporary cultural culture too.

Perché qualcuno dovrebbe sostenere il tuo progetto?

Without capitals is impossible to compete with big capitals in our society. We prove that an alternative is possible. After having had the chance to study and work abroad (england, germany, france, italy) my backgournd give me an international and metropolitan perception. I try to find the possible way to make the project sustainable on a regional de-centralized swiss italian region.

Che cosa accade con i soldi se il progetto va a buon fine?

We will create a cooperative with our subventioner that will buy with us the artist-house we live. The subventioners become "pate" (god father) of the operation. When the house is not occupaied by artist (calender), our subventioner can profit of the guest rooms of the house.

Obiettivo di finanziamento

Richiedere un'ipoteca in banca

Chi c'è dietro il progetto?

Cultural Association litroCentimetro - non profit organisation
- 9 years Performa festival (festival abour performing arts, visual arts and music)
- Lo Studio Performign Arts Centre
- Newtork of Swiss and international artistic residencies
- Network of swiss cultural perfroming arts centre
- Network of swiss festivals
- Network of new knowledge, peer to peer, sharing knowledge, new media, new way of solving problems, questioning, discussions, etc
- contemporary dance company productions

Team Lo Studio performing arts centre

Contatta il promotore del progetto
Associazione culturale litroCentimetro
Armati Filippo
Via Cantone 19
6517 Arbedo Svizzera

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