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Help for Hattha Thai Spa

Un progetto della regione della Raiffeisenbank Basel
CHF 1’020
Importo minimo
CHF 15’000
Importo desiderato

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4 sostegni
Supporto anonimo
05.05.2020, 10:39
Esther Kobel
03.05.2020, 21:47
Karin Agner
03.05.2020, 17:18

Il nostro progetto

The financial support granted by the federal government is not sufficient to bridge the period until the end of the crisis. Everyone who supports us now in this difficult time will receive a special thank you gift after the crisis.

Thank you for any help! We appreciate any support very much!

Periodo di finanziamento 01.05.2020 16:09 ore - 31.05.2020 23:59 ore
Periodo di realizzazione during corona crisis

With this project we try to maintain the liquidity of our company, so that we can meet our obligations and not have to file for bankruptcy after 2 months.

Regulars and everybody who thinks that our industry and so our company should survive.

If we cannot raise enough funds, we will definitely have to close our business after 2 months.

We use the money to pay our current bills.

Importo minimo

Da es sich hier um ein #localsupport-Projekt handelt, liegt die Finanzierungsschwelle bei CHF 1.00

With 10000.- we would only pay bills such as business rent and apartment rent private and health insurance and financial support for my parents in Thailand.

Importo desiderato

With this amount of money, I could meet all my obligations for 3 months.

Atipa Pluemchai