Volunteering program in partnership with unstable youth in a foster home.

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Camilla Flückiger 21.03.2018, 16:09

Our project consists in helping the young people in a home for children and youth who are not being looked after by their families, either because their families have broken up or are unable to care for them. Most of the time they are provided with counselling and support extending. The problem is that when they are in those homes they think they might be irrelevant for our society. We would like to make them aware that they have a role to play in this world and that they are not useless. For us a good way to make them realize this is by encouraging them to help each other. They could give some of their time to people that are in need too. For example cook something or organize collect for the homeless or refugees. But also something more regular like monthly visits in senior residences. For this we need to rent a place. This place must be big enough to welcome between 10 and 15 teenagers at the same time. Furthermore it must provide a bathroom and a kitchen for the cooking activities. To ensure the smooth functioning of the project we have to be in partnership with a professional team such as a psychologist and a social worker. Those activities could also take place in an outside location in accordance to the activity