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Dan Marginean
Dan Marginean 17.03.2019
Un grand merci à notre premier donateur! Vous avez mis un standard très haut pour les suivants mais nous vous sommes tout de même très reconnaissants pour cela! Amicalement, Dan M.
Dan Marginean
Dan Marginean 16.03.2019
Dear friends,

I’m writing with great news! Thanks to your support, we were given the green light to receive financial support through our Crowdfunding page as of now.
But it is now that we need your help more than ever, in order to advertise the project : by sharing it on your social media, sending it an email to a group of friends, talk about it to your colleagues and work mates.
We would really appreciate your support in helping us reach our financial objective and therefore, make a difference in the lives of the poorest of the world.
Many thanks for all your support and looking forward to reading your comments and feed-backs. Best regards to you all,

Dan M.